Our goal as your export & import Consultants is set up, enhance and expand your import or export operations globally in order to move your business forward and meet your most ambitious sales and business growth targets. No matter how extensive your import and export knowledge and experience are, at AZZCN FOREIGN TRADE there is suitable solution for you.

Our key export & import consulting solutions are focused on:

  • Identifying priority export markets and researching export markets for you.
  • Planning and supporting your foreign market entry initiative
  • Adapting your product or service to the demands and requirements of foreign market
  • Finding, screening and selecting foreign buyers, suppliers or distributors
  • Sourcing, planning, setting up and enhancing your supply chain and import operations
  • Planning, setting up and enhancing your export operations
  • Outsourcing your export and import operations Pricing products for export and understanding import quotations
  • Freight forwarding(logistics), cargo insurance and customs clearance
  • Drafting or revising your international trade contract
  • Choosing optimal trade financing and guarantee instruments
  • Choosing and interpretation of favorable Incoterms® 2010 terms for your case
  • Mentoring, training and coaching on various aspects of international business and trade
  • Tailored solutions for import and export development

At AZZCN FOREIGN TRADE we don’t limit you neither to any specific industry nor to any specific country. Thanks to our broad network of partners and affiliates across the world and industries we are able to deliver best-in-class export & import consulting solutions to you.

We are proud to be Turkish export & import consulting firm connected with the worldwide export & import consulting network helping Turkish exporters and importers to succeed in importing and exporting. AZZCN FOREIGN TRADE is open to the world of opportunities, so we welcome and serve clients from all over the world.